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About Me

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and am originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  After graduating from Kempsville High School in 1993, I came late that summer to begin college at Belmont University in the Music City, studying in Belmont’s Music Business program.  In this time, I had a strong internship experience working with and in Contemporary Christian Music, namely Charlie Peacock, who was beginning re:think records at the time.  His first artist was Sarah Masen, later would come Switchfoot (Charlie also released albums of his own here).

When I graduated  Belmont in 1997, for a number of reasons big and small, I took a job with Willis, international risk manager–and famed participant of nothing whatsoever to do with the entertainment industry.  I assisted the marketing of property and casualty insurance to public entities.  Not exactly flashing lights, “chills,” and teary worship songs.  But I figured a day job for funds, and the after-hours for music, art, coffee talks, thinking, etc.  As the years went by – it is how my life came together and has been for a long time.  I’d rather do all high-risk arts business.  But I now do a lot of everything.  And I am nourished and thankful in many ways.

I have a great day job in fundraising strategy at Vanderbilt University where I have been employed since 2004.  I continually look at the intersection between philanthropy, higher education, academic research, and Ivy League culture.  The area is called prospect research and it is actually a pretty for-real career.  This aspect of fundraising maintains a bit of wild west feel – the rules are still being written.  It’s technology, benchmarking, data mining, modeling, and more stuff we are all still figuring out.  I have been doing this right at 16 years, and have presented talks and ideas at the national level.  I help lead a Vanderbilt team of about 8.

Along the way I’ve written a small book of short stories, SUMMERS, published in 2009, available through Amazon.  Approaching juvenile fiction in genre, these are tales about young people.  It is some combination of summery homage to youth, green, humid, insect-laden lush of the South, and the way the season’s heat bakes brains to emotional delirium.

I have written music in some format since I was a kid.  I often hear original melodies in my head.  In 2010, I put out a three-song EP, BE NO END.  Sort of alternative, space-rock sounds.  The album or individual files can be purchased through iTunes or Amazon.  Like any good Nashvillian, I have CD hard copies in a spare closet if you want a copy this way.

Groups are important to me.  I have served on the board of The Contributor.  I am a member of the Downtown Presbyterian Church.  I have served on the board of UKIRK.  In recent years I have spent time assisting the leadership of the Wild Goose Festival and Nashville Public Television (primarily with fundraising biz).  Re: Wild Goose, I have presented several times there, including as an actor performing one-man plays.  I lead Beer & Hymns in Nashville, one of the largest gatherings of its kind in the country; we’ve played Mercy Lounge many times, with dates upcoming.  I am a former co-host of Tenx9 Nashville, a local storytelling group which meets monthly at Douglas Corner.  I dabble in standup and have taken the stage at Zanies for a brief set.  I have a beloved but stagnant podcast The Attentionist; the format is a personal journal for a Nashvillian.

Find me on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter @geofflittle.  (also much love should you follow @theattentionist and/or @beerhymnsnash)

Walter Brueggemann:  The world for which you have been so carefully prepared is being taken away from you by the grace of God.


Chip Andrus and me in Dublin a few years back